My name is Irene Tomaszewky. In November of 2011 my husband Walter was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Mantle-Cell Lymphoma.  What you will find on this site reflects the two best therapeutic elements we discovered  along the way. In the course of our journey, we found these major resources to be of the utmost importance in Walter’s healing. They were Kangen Water and Young Living Essential Oils. We invite you to learn more about them on their individual pages. Their life renewing properties were critical to Walter’s recovery. These products are of the highest quality and we still use them daily to maintain our health and well being. We are honored to be able to offer them to you, so that you too can find the health you deserve.

You may also find information that will completely change your perspective on illness and healing.   I’ve included our story, because in addition to the right therapeutics and remedies, true healing requires  endless faith, strength, support, conviction, and forgiveness.